Nutrition Business Unit (Biofoodnutrition S.E.)

Nutrition Business Unit of Advanced International Pharmaceutical Company is considered as the foundation stone of the company where it constitutes about 60% of the total company’s gross sales.
Nutrition Business Unit is established during 2004 till now with continuous growth of its sales during this period.
The main product of Nutrition Business Unit is Fabi® Brand.
Fabi® Brand is a trade brand of Biofoodnutrition SE which is a British company located in London.
What is Biofoodnurition SE?
Biofoodnutrition SE (European public limited company) is headquartered in London, UK and was founded to develop quality nutritional products based on cow's milk. Biofoodnutrition SE primary products are scientifically advanced milk powder formulas. We strive to provide the highest quality products, which are subject to rigorous quality controls during production and prior to shipment.
All products of Biofoodnutrition are following the European Union Regulations of infant food production.
Our products are produced under strict microbiological controls, using cutting edge technology. Our research and development program is focused on quality and functional nutrition.
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3- Fabimilk® Optimum
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