Our Global Partners

Our external partners are our suppliers and products’ manufacturers.

By co-operation between them and us, we can achieve the best of business within the tough hard competition of the Saudis Market.
Our Global Partners are:
Biofoodnutrition S.E. (UK)
C.B. Fleet (USA)
Vitex Pharma (Australia)
Laboratoire De La Mer (France)
Pronovis (Germany)
Laboratoires Mergens (Switzerland)
OTC Pharma (Netherland)
Casen Fleet (Spain)
Medinova (Switzerland)
Tentan A.G (Switzerland)
New Pharma (Switzerland)
Lisap (Italy)
Cosmedical Solutions (UAE)
Wipro-Unza (Malizia)
Big-D (UK)
CavinKare (India)
Sodalco srl. (Italy)
Hygint (Egypt)
We deal with all these companies in a professional manner to keep business in its optimum level of co-operation and to share with them the experiences of their markets and our Saudis Market to achieve the maximum profitable sales of the different products.


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